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Ayurveda massage

Ayurveda can be used preventively, but also for almost all areas of discomfort. Ayurvedic massages are carried out with lots of warm oil and have an extremely positive effect. Cell regeneration is stimulated, which delays the aging process. Deposits and slags are released from the tissues, reach the hollow organs and can thus be excreted. Tense ligaments and tendons are relaxed and stretched. The marmas (vital contact points of body and mind), where the life forces are concentrated, are activated. Through their stimulation, the internal organs and canal systems as well as the immune system are strengthened. The three doshas (Vata = movement principle; Pitta = transformation principle; Kapha = structure and lubrication principle) are harmonized and brought into balance. In particular, excessive Vata is reduced, thereby reducing anxiety, nervousness, stiffness of the limbs, tiredness, lethargy, as well as restlessness and exhaustion and promoting healthy sleep.

Massages with Ayurvedic herbal oils are extremely beneficial, lead to deep relaxation and at the same time promote detoxification. The most important thing in our hectic world is probably time. Therefore, take time for your Ayurveda treatment. The time afterwards is also very important - a long rest period after the application - a warm bath - a walk in nature are essential.

The gentle touch during oil applications goes very deep and moves or dissolves many congestion and blockages. It takes rest and time for deposits to be removed through the lymphatic system. There is also usually an interaction between physical deposits and emotional congestion - so that these too naturally come into motion. Warmth and lots of drinking - e.g. Ayurvedic herbal teas or simply hot water, possibly cooked with fresh ginger and mixed with lemon juice - support this process. The cosmetic effect is also enormous. By using a variety of Ayurvedic herbal oils, skin and hair become soft and silky.

Hot stone massage

The hot stone massage is a form of massage using heated stones, usually made of basalt, which are placed on the body. The stones are heated in a water bath to around 60°C. The aim is to relax the muscles through heat.

The hot stone massage is not only of Asian origin. It is transmitted from prehistoric times throughout Asia, the Pacific and the Americas. In Germany it is usually only advertised as having Indian origins.

The term La-Stone means lava stones and goes back to the use of volcanic rock in Hawaii. The "La" in the name La-Stone also coincides with the Tibetan word for life energy, to which this word is also traced back. In the La Stone massage, cooled marble balls are used in addition to the heated stones, adding a stimulus to the massage.

During the treatment, the client lies on some of the stones, which are called layout stones. Others are placed on the body. Additional stones are actively worked on and the patient is massaged with these stones. In addition to the effects of the massage itself and the muscle-relaxing effect of the heat, the contrast between heat and cold particularly affects the autonomic nervous system.

Lingam massage

The word Lingam comes from Sanskrit and is actually untranslatable for us in the West.

Lingam means something like pillar of light, a term that is full of reverence. In India, the lingam of the god Shiva is ritually worshiped.

The lingam massage is a simple method for men to experience great pleasure and at the same time refine their life energy. The sexual energy is stimulated and heated in the lingam and rises up the spine at the end of the massage and, in a sense, implodes throughout the entire body.

In Taoism and Tantra a distinction is made between ejaculation and orgasm. Ejaculation often results in a loss of energy. When the sexual energy through the breath energizes the entire body, a full-body orgasm can occur. With a little practice, this can be a very ecstatic experience and activate and store a lot of life energy

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