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Lomi Lomi Nui - Traditional Hawaiian massage

Lomi Lomi Nui is a form of massage that comes from Hawaii. In its original form, it is more similar to therapeutic body work than a massage and aims to treat not only the body, but also the soul.

The massages offered in the West as Lomi Lomi, on the other hand, are primarily wellness treatments.

In the local language, lomi means something like rubbing, kneading or pressing; the doubling reinforces this meaning. Nui means big, important or unique. Lomi Lomi Nui can be translated as “unique strong kneading” as a term for a special form of massage.

A Lomi massage is not only intended for relaxation, but also for physical, emotional and spiritual cleansing. The concept of health and illness here is similar to that in Traditional Chinese Medicine: In a healthy body, energy (mana) flows; illnesses cause blockages that manifest themselves physically as tension. The massage is intended to release these blockages on a physical and mental level and restore harmony to body, mind and soul.

This massage usually lasts around two hours. A lot of oil is used, originally from the kukui nut. The practitioner works not only with the hands, but with the entire forearm including the elbows. There is also the four-handed Lomi massage, which is performed by two people at the same time.

The movements are generally flowing and slightly rocking, with the "real" treatment being accompanied by Hawaiian music and chants to which the masseur moves in rhythm around the massage table. The massage can vary in intensity, even within one treatment. It can be very gentle and calming, but also demanding, reaching into pain to dissolve deep-seated tensions.

The treatment begins with the back, which, according to the shamanic perspective, is the place of the past. The front part of the body is then worked on, with the stomach being the place of feelings and memories. According to the spiritual background, a prayer is said before and after the Lomi massage.


is not a massage, but an ancient relaxation and healing method that was developed in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century. The term Reiki comes from the Japanese words rei (= spirit, soul) and ki (Qi = life energy) and is usually translated as "universal life energy".

Reiki refers to both the form of treatment itself and the energy that is supposed to underlie the hoped-for effect.

The aim is to cure illnesses, but also to improve prevention and general well-being. The therapeutic "energy work" is carried out with the help of the hands of the person giving Reiki: the subtle energies are passed on by laying on the hands.

Reiki works on a physical level (relieving pain, improving blood circulation, purifying...), on an emotional level (balancing, relaxing...), and on a mental level (relieving from everyday stress, letting go of negative thought structures...)


A sensual, intentionless full-body massage in which the senses are sharpened, the body is deeply relaxed, the heart blossoms and the mind is present at the same time. A space opens up to stop, find peace, let your mind unwind and feel more self-confident.

Love for yourself, accepting yourself as you are right now, with everything that defines you, your wishes and longings, fears, your vulnerability and beauty, gives you charisma and a certain SOMETHING.

A massage that touches the body and heart. This means finding a “yes to yourself” and feeling at home within yourself. Becoming whole towards a pleasurable life, towards a fulfilled sexuality.

Tantra connects the sexual energy that we all have within us and from which we emerged with the energy of the heart. It is a spiritual path that uses sexual energy for transformation to reach the state of ecstasy, the highest rapture and rapture.

Tantra massage is primarily not about ejaculation or genital orgasm, but rather about increasing energy and distributing energy throughout the body. Through the "Big Draw", a tantric breathing technique and muscle contraction, sexual energy can be maintained, allowing a series of orgasms. Orgasm is not just limited to the genitals, but can spread throughout the body. Ideally, a full-body orgasm occurs. But it takes some practice. At the end of the tantric massage, the Big Draw can be practiced. It can be a great enrichment for your sex life.

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