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Yoni massage

Yoni is also a Sanskrit word and can be translated as vulva, womb, origin or source. Yoni refers to the female genital area.

The Yoni massage ritual is about worshiping the woman in her divinity and celebrating her strength and beauty. Compared to the lingam massage, the yoni massage is even more closely linked to the aspect of sexual healing because negative energy is often deposited in the yoni, linked to psychological patterns of negative sexual experiences.

The Yoni has a very absorbing nature, which is very nice on the one hand because it corresponds to the feminine principle, which has to do with devotion, but also has the disadvantage of absorbing and storing many negative experiences as well as the experiences of entire generations of women. This is exactly where the Yoni massage comes in, as it consciously and carefully releases these injuries and blockages and makes room for pleasure and joy in life again.

This is also about activating and maintaining sexual energy. This massage distributes it throughout the body. The recipient can support this process by breathing slowly and forcefully into the heart area. The combination of heart breathing and massage can trigger a full-body orgasm. Such a massage can lead through the sexual realm into a transcendent spiritual realm, where armor is released and sexual healing can occur to an unexpected extent.

The healing effect of the massage can often occur a few days later. Emotions that may arise during or after the massage can vary. Anything can happen from sadness, pain, anger to pleasure and joy.

Nuru touches

The term Nuru massage refers to a traditional Japanese full-body massage technique. The (no sexual acts involved!)

The word Nuru comes from Japanese and means “slippery/smooth”. 

Warm, hot Nuru gel drips onto your body, the essential and eponymous component of the Nuru massage is the use of a mostly odorless and tasteless massage oil, Nuru gel, which is obtained from the leaves of Nori seaweed. At the beginning of the massage, the gel is applied over a large area to the body of the person being treated. During the massage, an attempt is made to establish as much physical contact as possible between those involved, often by having the masseur lie his entire body on the person being treated. This triggers strong tactile sensations that are said to have a stress-reducing effect.

The traditional Japanese nuru massage

The origin of Nuru massage lies in Japan. This Asian form of massage is carried out by geishas there to provide relaxation and happiness after hard work and to recharge your batteries for future tasks. Even back then, the special properties of deep-sea algae containing minerals were used to produce a particularly slippery gel. *++*

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